We will continue to strive for perfection in this imperfect world!

Smiths Home Painting was Founded in Bradenton Florida in 2017, prior to starting this small business we were acquiring knowledge in many areas setting up goals and reaching for them. Once Smiths Home Painting was formed and operating we began gaining customers and working for residential contractors learning as much as we could.

Our primary skill trade was interior and exterior painting. Slowly expanding our company with the knowledge we learned and tools acquired over time we Smiths Home Painting started offering other services such as, tile installation, finish carpentry, Drywall installation, and much more. Smiths Home Painting approaches each client with commitment to the highest standard of service and work excellence. Project leadership, communication, collaboration, and innovation contribute to success in meeting this standard.

As Smiths Home Painting continues to grow we are developing new ways to structure the business so that we can continue to foster the highest standard of client service and quality.

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